I’d somewhat end up being partnered to one that renders above me personally, is actually a supplier, causes myself, comforts myself

I’d somewhat end up being partnered to one that renders above me personally, is actually a supplier, causes myself, comforts myself

The cherished entertainer Mo’Nique enjoys thanked and applauded the lady peer Whoopi Goldberg for welcoming this lady to look on the hit tv series ‘The see.’

Getting into show to handle the difficulties she is dealing with within Hollywood, Mo’Nique replied concerns posed to her by its offers and revealed the girl unwillingness to permit herself as bullied has viewed her come to be an image non grata in circles she was once welcomed in.

What we should performedn’t read?

How it happened when Whoopi pulled Mo’Nique into their dressing space to reveal that she was being misled and manipulated.

Whoopi is actually however to react.

While some may attempt to switch this developing into a negative one, we’re pleased to discover that Mo’Nique is receiving enjoy and pointers from performers like Goldberg with experienced similar predicaments.

Alas, not everyone seems Whoopi is the best person to advise Mo’Nique.

THANKS A LOT for those real phrase & realistic sentiments

Black folks whine about every thing they are going to not be contented we know you will find inequality in culture someone name whoopie a koon but whoopie stays wealthy and get a career monique have a entitle mindset and therefore’s exactly why no-one will work fine together with her in most part of people we now have employers paying you for just what a job is really worth very 5000000 bucks is superior to absolutely nothing immigrants come start out with absolutely nothing after that build up to anything and never grumble this heifer try crazy that’s exactly why blacks remains at the bottom and all different battle expanding and outpacing them in almost every various other part of community stay worrying that is exactly what the white everyone loves to see

Talked like a real dummie!!

I realize things you’re saying but she’s not an immigrant she’s a Oscar winner traditionally Oscar winners Caucasian Oscar winners receive top dollar minimum of 20 million for movie since Julia Roberts 12 million was the cap for Halle Berry. Therefore while she are difficult to assist the one thing remains she’s amusing and talented and really does the girl tasks really should she and other black colored people not paid top dollar

Its like Mo is during a cult known as Daddy

Facts! She should divorce your or fire him as the lady manager. Company and delight don’t blend. He’s really the condition.

Everybody’s started saying that, and it also’s therefore very true.

I agree. We can’t sit they when men steadily serves like a b|tch, speaks like a b|tch, and it has b|tch methods. Monique’s husband try a fairy king. units me, and monitors myself once I have to be checked in place of one with continuously b|tch in him.

Talked like a real hoteptress. Lemme imagine? you are really single correct?

Rhea i really do not know what a “hotepress” is actually but you are completely wrong. I have already been hitched now let’s talk about the past 5 years to my soul mate. A lot of lady today are too happy to submit their guy but i like they and love are with a man that really loves myself for me personally. During my house my better half are master and also the primary service provider I am also his king.

They r not friends. Whoopi was a legend to gp/mainstream. Monique is an urban legend

I possibly could maybe not view the whole podcast because Monique is completely wrong right here getting airing out Whoopi’s pointers. We agree with Whoopi that Monique’s fairy king husband keeps manipulated the lady and ruined the lady career a great deal your harm is permanent. They are therefore focused on are “right” instead of generating a positive change in black feminine funny going a lot more traditional and eating their loved ones. I believe Monique understands she is not that funny, the woman stand-up readers try tiny, and her trophy husband would leave the girl if she demoted Jim to just babysitter so she is trapped on these unsuccessful efforts at relevance concealed as “I’m being blackballed” and “I’m right here for equal pay in hollywood.” No Monique you are about your self & most folk read through your BS and obsession with experience you will be “right.”